The Best Braided Fishing Line

The Best Braided Fishing Line
Braided fishing lines have become extremely popular in recent years. While monofilament lines still dominate the market, braided lines are quickly gaining share. These lines offer durability and low memory, which can help prevent backlashes and lead to better and more accurate casting. Like any other type of line, not all lines are made equally. Some manufacturers invest more in their processes and lines, and the results are easy to see.

Sufix Performance Stretch Braid

The tradeoff to having a very strong line that resists abrasion is that it also does not stretch that much. While having a fishing line that stretches too much is a disadvantage, so is having a line that does not stretch at all. This leads to poor hook sets and often can cause the angler to pull the hook right out of the fish's mouth.

Sufix Performance Stretch Braid provides anglers with 6 percent stretch, very comparable to monofilaments. For anglers not used to braided lines, this might make the introduction to this type of line a better experience. It is also good for those who might lose too many fish with other braided fishing lines (Resources).

Berkley FireLine Braid

One of the problems with some braided fishing lines is its squared shape, which leads to problems with casting, both in distance and accuracy. Berkley FireLine takes care of this problem, which sets it apart from many other lines on the market.

The line has technology called radial construction, which helps give it its distinctive shape. It stops the line from digging into the guides and helps it stack better on the reel spool. This leads to better and longer casts.

Stren Sonic Braid

Not to be outdone in the quest for a smoother braided casting line is Stren. One of the oldest and most popular fishing line companies in the world, Stren uses a slightly different technique to produce one of the best braided lines on the market.

The technology is called GlideCoat, which allows for longer and smoother casts and holds knots better, another problem that braided lines, which are stiffer, can have.

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