Sightseeing in San Miguel De Allende

Sightseeing in San Miguel De Allende
Cobblestone streets, Old Mexico architecture and sunny weather make San Miguel De Allende a perfect place for sightseeing and learning about the culture of the area. The atmosphere around the city has attracted many artists, painters and musicians, and the natural landscape around San Miguel De Allende is great for those who enjoy more scenic locations.

El Charco de Ingenio Botanical Gardens

Created in the canyons just above the city of San Miguel De Allende, the El Charco de Ingenio Botanical Gardens, also known as the Cante Botanical Gardens, encompasses about 160 acres in the canyon and includes several varieties of cacti, including the prickly pear, tall columns, round barrel, as well as other types of desert plants such as the succulents and epiphyte plants that are known for storing water inside their leaves. The gardens were started in 1989 in an effort to preserve the ecology of the Mexican landscape and learn better ways to keep these plants thriving. Tours of the gardens are given on Tuesdays and Thursdays and last approximately 2 1/2 hours. Lectures are also given on the care of these plants and how to identify them.

El Charco de Ingenio Botanical Gardens
San Miguel de Allende
(415) 154-4715


El Mirador Viewpoint

Traveling toward Querétaro on the highway from San Miguel De Allende will bring you to a lookout point above the city of San Miguel called the El Mirador Viewpoint. From here you can see the entire valley and the beautiful landscape of Central Mexico, including the fields and crops of the farmers in the valley. You can also take a walking tour up to the El Mirador Viewpoint that leaves from the town square on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, allowing you to share the experience with other travelers. The picturesque and magnificent panoramic views are worth the effort and the profits from the tours go to provide for the underprivileged children of Mexico.

La Gruta Hot Springs

Central Mexico has many natural hot springs, especially around the area of San Miguel De Allende. The La Gruta (the grotto) Hot Springs are on the road heading out from the city toward Delores Hildago and offer three smaller pools with a lawn area where you can picnic as well as an outdoor cafe. La Gruta is a 15-acre park with beautiful landscaping including bougainvilleas, manicured shrubs, trees and green rolling hills. There are changing rooms and lockers for you to use and the pools range in temperature from warm to almost hot. There are massage treatments offered to the guests where you can lie out under the shade of the trees while an attendant gives you a massage. La Gruta is also a great place to just relax and enjoy the calming environment and surroundings.


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