Tips on Bass Fishing on Westwood Lake

Tips on Bass Fishing on Westwood Lake
Westwood Lake is a tourist hot spot on Vancouver Island, just off the coast of the mainland of British Columbia, Canada. The lake draws visitors not just for its watersports and local hiking trails, but also its large population of trout and bass. Tips on bass fishing in Westwood Lake will help you land a silvery catch year-round, no matter your angling experience.

Get a License

All anglers who fish at Westwood Lake must hold a valid freshwater fishing license issued by British Columbia's Ministry of Environment. Wildlife officers regularly patrol the area and might ask to see your license. A license can be purchased at most provincial sporting goods and hunting stores, as well as directly from the province's Fish and Wildlife Department.

Fish and Wildlife Branch
PO Box 9391 Stn Prov Govt
Victoria, British Columbia V8W 9M8
011 250 387-9771


Select the Perfect Fishing Line Weight

Westwood Lake's varying depth levels require anglers to change their weights accordingly. The right weight will suspend your bait at the perfect depth, increasing your chances of having a bass strike. In the lake's shallower regions near its northern and southern shores, use a light weight such as 1/8 ounce. This weight may help prevent your bait from becoming tangled in the lake's shoreline vegetation. Raise the weight to 1/4 ounce in Westwood Lake's mid-regions, and up to 1/2 ounce in the lake's deeper levels near its center.

Watch for Campers

The region surrounding Westwood Lake, as well as the lake grounds itself, is a popular camping and recreational area. During the warmer summer days, numerous swimmers can be found kayaking or swimming and can pose a risk to anglers casting from the shore. Reduce the risks by bass fishing away from the lake's waterfront camping areas. The quieter and more remote areas of Westwood Lake adjacent to its hiking trails often have greater bass populations because they're quieter and frequented less by boaters.


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