Mini Bass Boat Fishing Tips

Mini Bass Boat Fishing Tips
Mini bass boats are a low-cost entry into the sport of bass fishing. Their small size makes them easy to transport and maneuver in tight spaces, which is perfect for small lakes, ponds and streams where a larger boat is not necessary. They can be a fun and successful fishing craft if handled properly.


Because of the small size of a mini bass boat, keep your gear to a minimum. Only bring the fishing tackle you are going to use to save room for other accessories. Restrict a cooler to a small size for this reason, and because a larger one can make the small boat unstable. Life jackets and an oar should always be in any boat in case of an emergency.


A trolling motor is the best addition to any mini bass boat. It will allow you to cover more area and you can fish while you move instead of rowing. Since mini bass boats are not very heavy, a smaller trolling motor will move them just fine. It is recommended to mount the battery in the back of the boat and centered to maintain balance.


Mini bass boats can go where many larger boats can't due to their low depth in the water and short size. Some of the bass best bass fishing is under and around boat docks. Mini bass boats will allow you to maneuver through tight spaces around these docks all the way to shore giving you access to where the bass hide.


When two anglers are on a mini bass boat, it is recommended that they both not fish off the same side to avoid the danger that the boat could tip. It is also important that you do not exceed the maximum weight limit because it can make the craft unstable.

Article Written By Matthew Knight

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