Types of Flowers in the South Downs of England

Types of Flowers in the South Downs of England
England's South Downs, in the southeast corner of the United Kingdom, offer a unique environment and ecosystem to explore. The area comprises extensive chalk downlands, as well as heathland, rolling hills covered in heather. This isolated and independent area's flowers stand out among the low shrubs and plants that cover the area, and are often quite striking.

Birdsfoot Trefoil

This flower is a common sight on the chalk downlands near the coast of southeast England. It is a shallow-rooted plant, which makes it ideally suited for this particular environment. It is a long-lasting perennial, which tends to bloom early and remain throughout the warm months. While it can grow to over 2 feet tall, it tends to remain smaller in the downlands. The Birdsfoot Trefoil has bright yellow flowers, which have led to its local nickname of "eggs and bacon."


These charming and unique flowers form a series of blue "bells" at the tip of a drooping stem. They can reach over a foot tall, although this is uncommon in the south of England. The perpetual dampness of the climate in this region is ideal for these flowers, which bloom en masse in April and May, leading to the sight of wide bluebell carpets throughout this region.


These lovely flowers are common all over the South Downs region for much of the summer. Early blooming orchids are seen as early as May, and their season continues through July. Orchids only bloom where they find a particular fungus, leading them to appear and disappear from season to season, depending on conditions. They are often seen where the chalky soil of the downlands is cut into by paths and trails. A local favorite is the Bee Orchid, which greatly resembles a bumblebee. Look for the Early Purple Orchids in May, and look for the Pyramidal Orchids with their distinctive triangular shape in areas with more sun.

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