Ideas for Snowboarding Rails

Ideas for Snowboarding Rails
If you are a snowboarder, once you are comfortable on the board and can travel down a mountain easily and safely, it might be time to learn some tricks. One of the simplest tricks to learn is riding a rail on a snowboard, also called a grind rail. There are several things you can use as a grind rail, but the most common include the edge of a box, a hand rail, or things made in nature such as fallen trees.

A Handrail

Handrails are one of the most common items people use as snowboarding rails. Luckily, they are everywhere, especially at ski resorts. Just make sure people are clear of the rail before you try and grind on it with the snowboard. These are easiest to learn on because they are straight and sturdy. They are usually located on the left, right or down the middle of stairways.

Rails Made By Nature

Look around you in nature next time you are snowboarding. With a little creativity, you can grind anything that has a straight edge and is sturdy. This includes large fallen trees, rocks with smooth edges, or logs. Using these types of rails works better for snowboarders who are more advanced, and already know how to grind a rail. Look over these types of objects before attempting to ride them, for jagged edges, dangerous things around them if you fall, and crumbling areas.


A box is what most beginner snowboarders use when they want to learn how to grind a rail, as it can be placed in the middle of padding and can be placed lower to make it easier to learn. Obtain a wood or plywood box that is about 3 to 4 feet wide, 10 to 16 feet long, and has at least three edges. Place it upside down on the ground (the open side on the ground). Place it against something sturdy so it won't slide around, and the pressure from the snowboard will push it against this sturdy object, like a wall. See References for directions on how to make your own snowboarding grind rail box.

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