Alaska Salmon Fishing Guide

Alaska Salmon Fishing Guide
Alaska is one of the leading U.S. destinations for recreational fishermen, reeling in anglers from around the world. One of the biggest attractions there is the salmon fishing, with Alaska being home to many of the best opportunities to catch wild salmon both at sea and in rivers and streams. The numerous opportunities create a bewildering list of potential fishing sites, but if you know what you are looking for, finding a good fishing spot won't be too hard. This is especially true in the south-central region of Alaska.

Northern Cook Inlet

This is a good place for those who might want to beat the crowd, but are unwilling to go to such lengths as joining a float-plane or helicopter trip into the remote reaches of Alaska. The area is home to Wasilia, a small town made famous by former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, and includes the Deshka, Chuitna, Beluga, Kustatan, Lewis, McArthur, Susitna, Talachulitna, Talkeetna, and Theodore Rivers, as well as innumerable creeks. All five of Alaska's salmon varieties--king, red, silver, pink, and chum--make runs in the Northern Cook Inlet region. It's a great place to think about making a freshwater salmon fishing trip.



It is somehow emblematic of Alaska's standing as a salmon fishing destination that Anchorage's Ship Creek, which runs right through largest city in Alaska, has its own salmon run. The nearby area offers other fishing opportunities in the form of its creeks and Twentymile River, while saltwater salmon fishing can be had in Resurrection Bay and Whittier. The prized king salmon, as well as silver salmon, are found in and around Anchorage. This is a good option for people who don't have a lot of time for their salmon trip, or are on a tight budget. A trip centered on Anchorage is possible with little more than a plane ticket, a fishing license, a rental car, and a reservation in a budget motel.

Prince William Sound

This area is most famous for the unfortunate 1989 Exxon Valdez tanker crash and oil spill, but the waters of the Sound have come a long way since then. All five varieties of Alaska salmon can be caught around the Sound, but pink, chum and the much-sought king are only found in the seawater of the Sound itself. Silver and red, on the other hand, make runs in the Coghill River and the Eyak River, both of which flow Prince William Sound. This makes the area a good choice for mixing saltwater and freshwater salmon fishing opportunities.

Northern Kenai Penninsula

This area is home to the Kenai and Russian Rivers, which are the first and second largest fisheries for red salmon in Alaska respectively. If red is the particular kind of salmon you want to catch, and you want to catch it in freshwater, this is unquestionably the place to go. There are also other rivers and creeks, as well as saltwater salmon fishing around the Kenai Penninsula. In addition to the red salmon, king, silver, and pink all have runs in the area.


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