Where to Go Fishing for Catfish in Minnesota

Where to Go Fishing for Catfish in Minnesota
Catfish are everywhere. Pretty much any country you travel to, you can find catfish living in area rivers and lakes. Minnesota is not only the Land of 10,000 Lakes, it's also the birthplace of the Mississippi River. If you're heading to Minnesota to hook in to some catfish, you've got a lot of options. Minnesota has three variations on the species that frequent their waterways: blue, channel and flathead catfish.

Blue Catfish

The Minnesota state record for blue catfish is just over 58 pounds--the world record is 124. Even so, there may be a monster lurking under the water of some of Minnesota's more prominent rivers. The Minnesota River might be your best bet, but since the world record blue catfish was actually caught on the Mississippi--just not in Minnesota--it would make sense to try to hook into one of these monsters there as well. The two rivers offer the best habitat for blue catfish, with a fast-flowing current and plenty of food.

Channel Catfish

There are some serious lunker channel cats to be had in Minnesota, and your best bet is once again the Mississippi--any spot on the river where the water is murky and bottom is sandy or rocky. You don't need to pack up and head for the northern-most reaches of the Mississippi; the state record (38 pounds) was caught in Hennepin County on the western edge of Minneapolis.

Flathead Catfish

Flathead catfish are the largest of the three catfish in Minnesota waters. While blue catfish grow to right around the same size, they haven't been in Minnesota waters long enough to reach their full potential. Flathead have. The state record was pulled out of the St. Croix River and weighed in at a hefty 70 pounds. The St. Croix is a border river running between Minnesota and Wisconsin, and the best spots for flatheads run from Taylors Falls to about Osceola, Wisconsin, where the water is murky, the current is slow and the bottom is a clay-based mud.

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