Things to Do in Treasure Island, Florida

Things to Do in Treasure Island, Florida
Sitting on Florida's Sun Coast, Teasure Island offers a bounty of riches for the tourist. With the sparkling waters of the Gulf surround this barrier island paradise and wide swathes of white sand to sink your feet into, it's no wonder visitors flock to the area every year. But there's a whole world of adventure mixed in with the soothing roar of the ocean waves, and it takes place on land, in the air and in the sea.

On Land

Obviously, in Treasure Island, the beach is always beckoning. Miles upon miles of sun-drenched white sand are waiting to be explored. You can take a long walk or jog down the coast or you can cut back in and take a hike (or bicycle or rollerblade) down the Treasure Island Beach Trail, which is a paved surface that runs for a mile along the beach. Of course, the sand is home to some hot action as well. Sandcastle building competitions, beach volleyball and sun worship are just a portion of the land-based fun to be had. Golf and tennis are two of the most popular not-beach-based activities, with Treasure Bay Golf and Tennis located on the barrier.

In the Air

Catch an unparalleled view of Treasure Island from the sky. There are nine establishments that offer parasailing adventure over the beaches of Treasure Island. When parasailing, you are harnessed into a parachute and pulled behind a boat as the tether attached to your harness takes you higher and higher in the air. If dangling from a cord 1,000 feet in the air isn't your cup of tea, there are several local companies that offer helicopter tours of Treasure Island and the surrounding area.

In the Sea

The Gulf creates a wide blue backdrop for anything you plan to do in Treasure Island. And one of the best place to find adventure and excitement is on the water. Charter fishing is popular with grouper, mackeral and sea bass being some of the more common sport fish in the area. There are also several jet ski rental companies on the island, as well as a sailing tour on an old pirate ship, which is docked in John's Pass Village, a touristy, seaside village on the north end of Treasure Island.

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