Things to Do in Chicago on a Sunday

Things to Do in Chicago on a Sunday
Chicago is a fantastic and underrated city, always taking a backseat to New York and Los Angeles. The city is an active place, but its definition of human-powered activities can be quite different from a West Coaster due to the cold weather that dominates the city at certain times of the year. There are so many things to do in Chicago that it's hard to suggest only a few. But if you have only a Sunday to check out the city, the locals will tell you that three things are an absolute must-do: sports, jazz and ribs. The sports fans in Chicago rival that of New York or Boston any day. The jazz scene feels like the old Cotton Club had the blues and ran from New York to The Windy City. Chicago's ribs give any city in the South a run for its money, and the eating of ribs is a sport onto itself.

Sports Central

Chicago has The Bears, The Cubs and The White Sox. Don't forget The Bulls and The Black Hawks. Does Los Angeles even have a football team? Spend the first part of Sunday at Soldier Field and watch The Chicago Bears take down The Packers. Down multiple beers and eat 10 hot dogs and know what it feels like to be a real bear.

Mellow Out with Some Music

Jazz is arguably the best music in the world. It's definitely an American-born style that many assume is best listened to in New York or the Deep South. Chicago is the true jazz town. When half the clubs went dark in New York, more sprang up in Chicago. Check out Andy's any Sunday afternoon, just two blocks from Michigan Avenue. The club is famous for its Jazz at Noon, which became so popular it now has Jazz at 5 and 9.

Slab of Heaven

After a Sunday yelling your lungs out at Soldier Field and dancing to bebop at Andy's, you'll need a hardy meal. Forget the deep-dish pizza and head to one of five locations of Leon's Famous Ribs. Any place that marinates its ribs for two days is a place that respects meat.

Article Written By Susanna Lo

Susanna Lo is an established writer, director and producer who won awards in The Berlin and Montreal film festivals. She is a member of PEN and WGA. Her parents worked for the airline and hotel industries and she's been traveling since infancy. Lo has lived in Europe, Asia, South America and North America and speaks five languages. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in communication.

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