Field Trip Ideas

Field Trip Ideas
Taking field trips is an easy way to teach without having to hammer the ideas into the minds of children who get tired of being taught, the same way you may get tired of teaching. On the trip, the students aren't always aware that they're learning and they may even be able to take something home to remind them of where they've been. When they get home, they can even teach their parents and siblings about the things they saw.

Zoos, Aquariums and Wildlife Reserves

Zoos, aquariums and wildlife reserves are probably the most popular field trips because they can last all day and the visit will be the first for many of the students. They'll get to see animals from all over the world, and they may be able to feed some of them.

Apple Orchard and Pumpkin Patch

The apple orchard and pumpkin patch are good ideas for the fall. Children will look forward to bobbing for apples after the trip to the apple orchard and the hay ride and being able to pick their own pumpkins at the pumpkin patch.


Museums are suitable for children of all ages and they offer a close-up look at things that occurred in the past--many things the students have learned about in class. Sometimes the idea of the size of a Tyrannosaurus tex isn't driven home until a student has seen the full-sized skeleton.


A trip to the planetarium will give children a view of things floating in space--some things they didn't know existed, like meteors, comets, nebulas, black holes, and maybe they'll learn about other galaxies beyond our solar system.

Fire and Police Station

Many young children aspire to be firemen or policemen when they grow up, so expose them to the people who serve and protect them. The firemen may allow the children to slide down the pole and climb on the engines and the policemen may show them the tools they use to keep people safe.

Nature Walk/Trip to the Park

Taking students on a nature walk allows them to explore plants and animals. Have the students pick trees as their own, name them, and draw pictures of them. They can also pick leaves off their trees and make molds by pressing the leaves into flat squares of clay and removing them, leaving the prints, and letting them harden. They will always remember their trees, and they'll always be there for them to visit.

Government Offices

Exposing children to government early will help them understand the system later. Touring government buildings allows students to see sometimes-historical structures put to modern use and they can learn about the important work that goes on in each building.


Battle sites or war memorials are located throughout the United States, and they're great places for history lessons. Try to arrange to visit during a battle re-enactment so the children can see how the battles were fought.


A farm is ideal for younger students because it will allow them to see where much of the food they eat comes from. Some farms allow children to milk a cow and pet the animals. Let the children draw pictures of the things they enjoyed most about the farm.


Theaters are great places to take children of any age so they can get out of class and enjoy a production. To ensure that the children don't fall asleep, have them write reviews and then deliver them to the theater company.

Article Written By Lucosi Fuller

Lucosi Fuller was a student at Miami University-Middletown and a graduate of the University of South Carolina-Upstate, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in English in 2008. He devotes his time to writing this thing and that other thing and always disregards giving names to his work.

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