Hawaii Shore Fishing Tips

Hawaii Shore Fishing Tips
Fishing from the shore in Hawaii is an ideal way to catch a wide variety of fish, big and small. It is important to have the correct equipment, which should be sturdy and big since you are fishing from shore, as well as know the spots with the best shore fishing at the right time.

Spearfishing From Shore

Makapuu Bay on Oahu's south shore is one of the best places to spearfish from shore. You don't need a lot of experience to fish; you can be on the shore or in shallow water to do it. The most common fish to catch here are uhu and octopus.


On the south shore, there is a lot of volcanic rock on the shore surrounded by very deep water. This makes it a great place to fish for ulua, since it is so deep so close to shore. You will need very sturdy tackle to fish from shore, since the fish can get large. Have a thick, clear sturdy line, a rod that is flexible and at least 6 feet long, and at least a size 50 reel. Using eel as bait attracts many fish around Hawaii. Even if you are an experienced fisher, it is a good idea to tie down your line. Keep an eye on the weather conditions, especially if you don't know the area that well.

Yokohama Bay

On the west side of Oahu lies Yokohama Bay, a great shore-fishing spot that is known for attracting a large variety of fish. Expect on seeing or catching ulua, mahi mahi and lobster from here.

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