Fishing Techniques for River Salmon

Fishing Techniques for River SalmonThere are many rivers across the United States that are full of salmon and ideal for fishing, particularly in California and Alaska. The variety of salmon is vast: pink, red, silver or king. The best way to fish for salmon in rivers is by using live bait or lures from boats or fly-fishing from the shore.

Bait for River Fishing

The type of river water depends on the bait you use. For freshwater, use small shrimp or prawns, chunks of herring or lures such as flashers, Tadpollys and Flatfish. In saltwater, use larger shrimp and herring pieces, along with lures such as Wiggle Warts or Kwikfish. These types of lures and bait are ideal for rivers because of different currents and depths. It is a good idea to have a few lures to experiment and see what works best for your location. Also try using heavy weights that are shiny in order to bounce the bait off the bottom of the river bed, attracting salmon with movement and color. Downriggers, trolling weights and diving lures are ideal for saltwater.


Use a Boat

The center of rivers where there are strong currents often attract salmon, who use it as a transportation technique. Use a small boat to reach the center of the river and drop anchor. When you see schools passing by, drop your line in. This helps broaden your area of fishing beyond the shoreline. You want the bait to float right above the bottom of the river.

Fly-Fishing (pictured above)

Fishing from the shore is another way to catch salmon. Fly-fishing is ideal from banks, especially for smaller salmon such as the pink salmon. When fly-fishing, use wet or dry flies in bright colors. You want them to sit on top of the water or float just beneath the surface.

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