Best Bass Fishing Lakes in Texas

Best Bass Fishing Lakes in Texas
Anglers can find other states that have many more bodies of freshwater, but it's hard to find a state that has so many good lakes for bass fishing as does Texas. Anglers who target bass in the waters of Texas have a shot at catching a bass of true trophy size, and the opportunity to catch many fish during the course of a day. Some of the best bass fishing lakes in Texas are Lake Fork, Lake Sam Rayburn, Toledo Bend, Richland-Chambers and Cooper Lake.

Lake Fork

Lake Fork is world-renowned for producing big bass. The biggest bass to come out of the lake, according to the state's list of top 50 largemouth bass, was 18.18 lbs. The water in the lake averages 12 to 15 feet deep, and unlike many other lakes in the state, water levels remain relatively stable throughout the year. Standing timber and vegetation such as hydrilla and milfoil create an abundance of habitat for bass. From a fishing perspective, the lake is especially good in the late winter and early spring. Cast red lipless crankbaits around the lakes beds of vegetation. Lake Fork is a favorite of many recreational boaters and can be extremely busy. As a result, many fishermen opt to head out at night. Those anglers oftentimes are the ones who catch the biggest bass.

All Seasons Lake Fork Resort
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Lake Sam Rayburn

This body of water covers 114,500 acres and is located in eastern Texas. The various arms located off the main body of water offer the most bass habitat, some of which includes standing or fallen timber, brush and submerged and emergent vegetation. Spring, fall and winter are best for fishing Lake Sam Rayburn because the water is coolest and the bass often are located near shallow cover and vegetation. The best bet for locating and catching bass on the lake is to cast lipless crankbaits around vegetation.

Powell Park Marina
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Toledo Bend

Even though part of Toledo Bend is in the state of Louisiana, it is one of the best bass lakes in Texas. It includes 185,000 acres of water and is full of prime habitat for bass, including vegetation and timber. A variety of lures works well around shallow-water habitat, including lipless crankbaits, spinnerbaits and plastic worms. The lake also offers anglers the opportunity to target deeper water in off-shore areas. Bass feed heavily on shad in the lake, and often push these fish toward the surface and go on a feeding binge. If anglers can find a school of bass feeding on a school of shad, they should throw a topwater in the area. The action could be fast and furious.

Fin & Feather Resort
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Just to the south of Dallas, this 44,000-acre body of water has vast areas of open water, and not much shallow cover, which sets it apart from many other bodies of water in the state. Anglers searching for cover should head to the reservoir arms fed by Chambers and Richland creeks. Otherwise, anglers should target creek channels and humps in deep water. Anglers should use Carolina rigs or deep-diving crankbaits to locate areas that are holding bass, then slow down and fish the area thoroughly with a plastic worm.

Fisherman's Point Marina & Campground
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Cooper Lake

Cooper Lake has a large amount of bass cover in its 19,280 acres. Anglers can catch all the bass they want from shallow cover like emergent and submerged vegetation, and standing and fallen timber. On sunny days, anglers should flip and pitch plastic worms and jigs and pigs to the heaviest cover they can find. The bass will be roaming away from the cover on overcast days, so anglers should use search-type lures such as spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and lipless crankbaits.

Cooper Lake State Park
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1664 FR 1529 South
Cooper, TX 75432

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