Ski Waxing Tips

Ski Waxing Tips
Properly waxed skis make it easier to rip and tear down mountainsides. Besides improving performance, applying glide wax to form a smooth and slick surface helps skis last longer. The task of waxing also can help build anticipation for that next ski trip. The keys to successful ski waxing involve buying the correct ski wax and having the right tools for the job, which will include a vice, an iron, a plastic scraper, rags and a pair of brushes--one coarse and one fine.

Choose the Right Ski Wax

Ski wax is sold in various colors to indicate its suitability for differing snow conditions and temperatures. For instance, red wax might be best for wet snow and near-freezing temperatures, while a blue bar may be appropriate for cold, powdery conditions. Each ski wax brand has a chart detailing which color to choose based on expected ski conditions. Remember to buy a container of ski base cleaner when you purchase glide wax.

Clean Skis Thoroughly

Clamp a ski in a vice with its base facing upward. Use damp rags soaked in ski base cleaner or a citrus solvent to clean the glide area of the ski.

Waxing Time

When the ski is dry, press a bar of ski wax against a heated iron until it starts melting. Make trails of wax drops on the ski's base. Working from tip to tail, use the iron to gently spread melted wax over the ski's entire width.

Scraping, Brushing and Polishing

After the ski cools, scrape off the excess wax. Go over the base of the ski with a coarse brush and then a fine brush. Finish the job by polishing with a cloth.

Wax Frequently

Wax your skis often for peak performance. Generally, skis ought to be waxed following every 10 days of use.

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