Things to Do in Holguin Cuba

Things to Do in Holguin Cuba
Holguín is the second largest province in Cuba, situated in the southeastern part of this tiny island nation. Its principal cities include Holguín, Antilla, Banes and Moa. This region of Cuba is known for its natural beauty. In fact, Christopher Columbus is said to have claimed that Holguín was "the most beautiful country human eyes had ever seen," when he first reaches its shores. Lush hills and pristine beaches make this an excellent destination for outdoor enthusiasts looking to bask in the Cuban sun.


The region has a number of great beaches for water sports and aquatic activities. Two of the best beaches for snorkeling and scuba diving are Playa Esmeralda and Playa Guardalavaca. Bahia Naranjo is another nice beach with some interesting attractions. The bay is surrounded by scenic mountains, and there are several good dive sites. In addition, there is a natural aquarium where visitors can swim with seals and dolphins.

Mensura National Park

Mensura National Park is a great place to hike. Located in the Sierra Cristal Mountains, this national park houses a research center where visitors can learn more about local ecology. Explore the Mayarí pine groves, and make sure you trek to the Gran Salto del Guayabo, one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Cuba.

Cayo Saetía

The biggest island in Holguín sits at the entrance to Nipe Bay. It is called Cayo Saetía, and it is only accessible by boat or helicopter. With more than 20 square miles of forested park lands, Cayo Saetía is a intriguing place to visit. A nature reserve houses imported animals such as buffalo, antelopes and zebras. There also are a number of private beaches with pristine white sand. Swim in the shallow waters or go a little farther out for a diving excursion to the nearby coral reefs.

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