An Alaska Tourism & Travel Guide

An Alaska Tourism & Travel Guide
Alaska is one of the last true frontiers left on Earth and has a lot to offer the adventure-seeking traveler. Beginning with the breathtaking scenery that varies from region to region and season to season to the endless variety of activities offered, Alaska has something for everyone. Pick your destination, pack your gear and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime. Just remember, many who travel to Alaska never want to leave it again.

South-Central Alaska

Visit the region of the state where more than half of the entire population resides. Included in this vicinity is the Anchorage area, Copper River Valley, Kenai Peninsula, Prince William Sound and Mat-Su Valley. Choose from amazing wildlife and glacier viewing, adventurous dog sled races or world-class fishing in this region. It encompasses numerous lakes and mountains that present a true isolated wilderness setting, but there are many roads connecting these areas allowing you to travel freely among them.

Far North Alaska

Explore the farthest area of the state that includes the Brooks Range, Western Arctic and Arctic Coast. This area is full of amazing history and natural beauty, but most of the transportation is done by air from commercial airlines in the larger cities to air taxis in the smaller towns and remote regions. Spend your days hunting bears, birds or caribou in this area, fishing in the many rivers and lakes or rafting, hiking and wildlife watching in the national parks and refuges.

Southwest Alaska

Favored by the naturalist travelers for its astounding natural beauty, this region comprises the Alaska Peninsula, Aleutian Islands, Bristol Bay, Kodiak Archipelago, Yukon-Kuskokwin River Delta and Pribilof Islands. Select from kayaking or rafting in one of the area's nine national parks, fishing in the numerous bays and rivers or exploring the area's volcanoes and abundant wildlife. Travel in this region is done by air because of the remote locations and no roads connecting the towns.

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