New York Salt Water Fishing Regulations

New York Salt Water Fishing Regulations
New York's ocean waters teem with various fish species, including large populations of cod, flounder and bluefish. This attracts numerous traveling anglers, as well as locals. To preserve the fragile saltwater ecosystem, the state has instituted various fishing regulations. Discover the specific regulations that affect saltwater anglers so you can fish for the bounty of New York within the legal limits set by the government.

Fish Sizes and Catch Limitations

New York places limits on both the acceptable fish length and total volume of an angler's daily catch to keep fishing activity at a sustainable level. This helps protect the state's fish populations and ensures the fish are around for many years to come. Fish with large, wild schools have no volume limit, including Atlantic cod, monkfish and haddock. More rare fish, such as striped bass and American shad, are limited to one or more individual fish per fishing session. In addition, most fish must meet the state's size limits to ensure you are only catching adult animals. These limits change every year, depending on the current fish population census. Contact the state's marine bureau to identify the current limitations regarding both fish size and catch volume.

Bureau of Marine Resources
Division of Fish, Wildlife and Marine Resources
205 North Belle Mead Rd.
East Setauket, NY 11733
(631) 444-0430


Fishing Seasons

Most fish species found off of the coast of New York can be caught anytime in the year. However, fish with more fragile populations have strict fishing seasons. Individuals who catch such fish when they are not in season must return the fish to the ocean or face strict penalties. As of 2009, species that come with season limitations are flounders, scups, toadfish, blackfish and all types marine bass. These species are limited to the summer months with the exception of the blackfish, which is only available from the fall through the spring.

Saltwater Fishing Permits

Individuals must possess a fishing permit to ply New York's waters. License can be obtained from the licensing office of the NY Division of Fish, Wildlife & Marine Resources at (518) 402-8845. The permit must be on your person anytime you are fishing in New York, and you must present the license if approached by a wildlife officer.


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