Interesting Places in Europe

Interesting Places in Europe
Europe has always been a popular tourist destination. Most visitors flock to the crowded city centers such as Paris, Rome and London to get a glimpse of the famous attractions. However, there is a lot more to see in Europe with no crowds and no stress if you head off the beaten path. The hills and valleys of Austria, Norway and Spain are scenic spots to hike and explore.

Montafon, Austria

Montafon is a beautiful area for hiking in western Austria. This region is hemmed in by three mountain ranges. The Ratikon Mountains consist of limestone, the Silvretta Mountains are glaciated, and the crystalline Verwall Mountains stand in the northeast. Visit Piz Buin, the highest peak in Montafon, towering at more than 10,800 feet. The region has more than 300 miles of marked hiking paths. Trekkers will enjoy the quiet meadows and forests, as well as the alpine summits along the way. Mountain huts are spread throughout the area for shelter. Cable cars are available in some spots, facilitating your ascent to a few of the more popular ridges and peaks.

Sognefjord, Norway

Norway is known for its amazing natural beauty, and the Sognefjord is not to be missed. Situated in western Norway, the Sognefjord is the second longest fjord on the planet. It is also the deepest fjord in Norway, with certain sections of the rivers and lakes reaching more than 4,200 feet in depth. The crystalline waters of the Sognefjord extend for 125 miles across the rugged region of western Norway. You'll find the largest glacier in mainland Europe here as well. Visitors can hike or bike the Rallarvegen Trail or kayak along the fjord. All sorts of rentals and tour services are available at Jostedalsbreen National Park in the heart of the fjord.

Sierra Nevada, Spain

The Andalucia region of southern Spain is mostly known for its flamenco bars and stunning Moorish architecture such as the world-famous Alhambra. However, the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains are another place worth visiting. This is the largest mountain range in Spain. Just an hour north of the ancient city of Granada, the Sierra Nevada Mountains reach heights of more than 11,000 feet. In the hot summer months, this region is perfect for hiking, mountaineering, biking and rock-climbing. The winter months from November to February are also suitable for hiking, but many people opt for the downhill and cross-country skiing.

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