Activities in Maui

Activities in Maui
The exquisite island of Maui has enough activities to please anyone from water enthusiast, mountain biker, hiker or surfer. There is so much to do you will have to schedule time to simply relax on the beach. Maui is a natural paradise for adventurers with lush valleys, rugged mountains, tranquil beaches, craters and some of the most beautiful flora and fauna to be found. There are unusual and exciting activities to be found around every bend in the road.

Land Activities

One of the most visited spots on Maui is the non-erupting, yet active Haleakala Volcano. Whether you choose to visit this beautiful orange crater via a mountain bicycle tour, a guided hike, helicopter or in a luxury limo van, there are many options available and the best time to view it is at sunrise.

Schedule a horse-back riding tour of the island with one of several tour operators. This will provide you to enjoy an intimate look at the beautiful valleys, verdant mountains, the volcano and luscious waterfalls.

Attend the Maui Sunset Luau at Maui Prince Hotel Makena Resort. Enjoy a royal Hawaiian feast in the traditional luau setting with an evening of cultural entertainment.

Numerous hiking tours are available: explore the Ka'eleku Cavern, a giant subterranean lava tube created by Pele, the Goddess of Fire; hike the back roads to the Hana Rainforest and waterfalls; or challenge yourself by hiking the mountain ridge.

Take an exhilarating ATV tour of the island through Maui ATV Tours. See pastures and back roads that are rarely seen by the public.

Explore the Maui Tropical Plantation and Hawaiian Nature Center.

Water Activities

Soar over the Pacific Ocean with West Maui Parasail. They offer 600-foot to 1200-foot lines for a bird's-eye view of the island and coastline. Dive beneath the ocean's surface with Atlantis Submarine for a 45-minute glimpse into the spectacular marine life such as colorful fish, eel, turtles, shark and maybe even a Humpback Whale. Go kayaking, surfing, snorkeling, ocean rafting, swimming, sailing, jet skiing,scuba diving or even try the latest craze, snuba, a hybrid of snorkeling and scuba. Take a ferry to a neighboring island. At the end of the day, treat yourself to a romantic sunset dinner cruise.

Activities by Air

Fly from Maui to Oahu on Hawaii Inter Island Tour and experience the Pearl Harbor Tour, the Arizona Memorial, USS Missouri and much more.

There are numerous companies on Maui offering helicopter tours where you can see spectacular sights of the island unseen by land tours.

Take the Piiholo Ranch Zipline tour with over three miles of zip lining through forests of eucalyptus, koa and ohia trees. Fly through spectacular tropical plants, while enjoying stunning views of the coast, ocean and the island along the way.

Article Written By Lea Ann Fessenden-Joseph

Lea Ann Fessenden-Joseph, a professional freelance writer, spent more than 20 years with a major airline and enjoys writing about travel, health, alternative medicine and interior decorating. She is the National Caribbean Travel Examiner and her work has been featured in the "Dallas Morning News," "Caribbean Property and Lifestyle Magazine," Gadling, Travels and numerous other publications. Fessenden-Joseph attended Texas Christian University.

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