Cancun Travel Guide

Cancun Travel Guide
Cancun is an excellent vacation destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Along with pristine beaches for swimming, you can enjoy diving beneath the waves or casting your lines for big fish. Even though Cancun was specifically built as a tourist destination, most of what makes it such a hot spot for tourism takes place outdoors. Like any other foreign spot, however, some advice about what to expect can make a visit here better than it might have been otherwise.


Although Cancun is certainly hot, you may be surprised at just how low the humidity can be. This means longer periods of activity without being worn out. Cancun does have a rainy season like most other areas south of the border. For Cancun, this season is quite literally brought in by May showers and the precipitation will continue fairly regularly through October. Also be aware that Cancun is subject to potential hurricanes. The best time for most outdoor recreation is February through May when the weather can get much cooler with the sun still shining.

Budget Cancun

Prices for hotels and resorts are going to be high year-round as this is a resort town, but you can get a break. The peak tourist season in Cancun is from the middle of December to late April before the rains come. High summer season can be nearly as expensive because the school break crowd hits then. To get the most bang for your buck, visit Cancun from mid-August to mid-December when accommodations and even food may be cut as much as a third from the price you'll find during peak season.

Beach Alert System

Since much of your time in Cancun will be spent proximate to the beaches, it very much behooves you to learn the flag system that warns of dangers. A white flag means conditions for water activities are excellent. A green flag means that conditions are safe but could change. A yellow flag means that the situation is uncertain and conditions are likely to change without notice so you should enter into the water with caution. A black or red flag means you should definitely just stick to the pool at the hotel and stay away from the beach.

Scuba and Snorkeling

If you have never been scuba diving or done any serious snorkeling, you would be hard-pressed to pick a better spot to learn than Cancun. If you already do have some experience, this is the right place to stretch your wings and fly. Cancun is notable for coral reefs in shallow water, making exploration perfect for snorkelers. In addition, the waters off Cancun are home to the largest reef in the entire Western Hemisphere, the Great Mesoamerican Reef. Scuba divers are treated to several artificial reefs in the form of sunken ships.

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