Interesting Places in Belgium

Interesting Places in Belgium
Belgium is a small country in the northern part of continental Europe. Though highly developed as a nation, Belgium still retains much of its natural beauty and untainted countryside. With ancient architecture, delicious chocolate and world-class beer, it is no wonder Belgium is a popular tourist destination. However, there is much more to see here if you head off the beaten path in search of outdoor activities.


Flanders is a beautiful region for outdoor enthusiasts to visit in northern Belgium. This is a great area to go cycling. The terrain is flat, and it is easy to cycle along well-marked trails that cut across the farmlands and sprawling countryside. Bicycles can even be rented at many of the larger train stations in the region. Visitors will enjoy seeing the sights as they pass by on their bicycles. You will find quiet pastures, canals, charming little towns with medieval castles, and much more along the way in Flanders.



The scenic Ardennes region in southern Belgium is rugged hill country. Heavily forested with pristine lakes and mysterious caves, Ardennes is a good place for hikers to trek in Belgium. While much of the area is wilderness ideal for mountain-biking, there are some developed places for road cyclists to enjoy as well. A network of cycling paths has been established, following the course of many old railway lines that are no longer in use. This famous network of slow paths for pedestrians and cyclists is called "RAVeL." Running along train tracks and canals in the historic fields of Ardennes, RAVeL consists of more than 1,000 miles of trails.


Dinant is a lovely medieval town in the region of Wallonia. Apart from the tourist draws of ancient architecture, there are some enjoyable water-front activities here. Situated on the River Meuse, Dinant offers easy access to visitors who want to kayak. Most excursions are set up for you to paddle down the River Lesse for approximately 12 miles until you reach the merging point with the River Meuse and the town center. Crumbling castles, rolling countryside, shallow caves, and cascading waterfalls make for a scenic day-trip kayaking in Dinant.


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