The Best Copper Canyon Tours

The Best Copper Canyon Tours
Outdoor adventurers will love Copper Canyon, home to some of the most rustic and stunning natural beauty in all of Mexico. A number of tours of the area show you the best of this northwest Mexico hot spot. No matter what you're looking for in a tour, you can find it in this exciting destination.

Mexico's Copper Canyon Los Mochis Classic 7-Day Tour

Leaving from Los Mochis, you'll board the Copper Canyon train. Riding this rustic train makes a great way to explore this vast area. The train includes meals and beverages. Head to Cerocahui and go wine tasting---this area's known as a smaller Napa Valley. Hike to Urique Canyon lookout point for stunning views. Then the train heads to Posada Barrancas, where you can visit the Valley of Mushrooms, a group of interesting rock formations. Head back to Los Mochis and tour the botanical gardens or take a boat tour of picturesque Topolobampo Bay.

Mexico's Copper Canyon Tours
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Argonaut Signature 8-Day Tour

The Argonaut Signature 8-Day Tour starts off in Tucson, Arizona and heads to Green Valley, Arizona. The next day you'll cross the border into El Fuerte, a quaint town in northern Mexico on the El Fuerte River where you'll learn about the 60 species of birds and other flora and fauna indigenous to the area. You'll board a train that travels through the Tarahumara Indian Territory. The area offers magnificent mountain views. You'll tour Cuauhtémoc, the most extensive Mennonite community in the world. End the journey in Palomas, an eclectic little town in Mexico.

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Copper Canyon Adventures 7-Day Birding/Natural History Tour

Copper Canyon Adventures Birding/Natural History Tour starts off with a river trip down the El Mahone. Here you can explore the bird species indigenous to the area. Then enjoy a boating trip on Lake Dominguez where you'll learn about the area's flora and fauna. Have lunch at Ocolomita, right next to the river and enjoy the view. Check out the hummingbirds as you tour the canyon rim. Then head to Cerro Gallegos to see Elegant Trogons and Military Macaws. You can customize your own tour with this company.

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