Best Times to Travel to Cuba

Best Times to Travel to Cuba
The tropical island nation of Cuba is warm and sunny year-round. Travelers may visit Cuba throughout the year to enjoy its local culture, delicious food and beautiful beaches. November to April is considered the best period for visiting as it is the winter season. The rainy season may be humid and storms are common in the months of September and October. However, the best time to visit Cuba may depend entirely upon travel preferences, schedule and budget.

Early Months

A good time to travel to Cuba is during the early months of the year. If possible, it's better to avoid traveling during peak times (Christmas and holidays). Smaller crowds during the early months help tourists enjoy the scenery and places of interest at a more relaxed pace.

Climate in Cuba

In Cuba, November to April is considered the dry season and May to October is known as the wet season. The hurricane season usually starts in June and normally lasts until October. Chances of hurricanes drastically increase in the months of September and October. There is a possibility of occasional cold fronts sweeping in during January or February. During the wet season the temperature normally peaks in the month of August and the season is warmer and more humid.

Peak Times in Cuba

The busiest times to travel to Cuba are Easter, Christmas and in the months of July and August. There are several drawbacks if you travel during this period. There will be a drastic rise in airfares and the country will be crowded with tourists. The temperature is also hot in late summer. It is advisable to visit Cuba in this season only if you have a specific reason, otherwise it is better to travel during the off-season.

Fewer Crowds

If you can, plan to visit Cuba in the following months: early December, February, March, November or late January. As mentioned before, there will be fewer crowds during these times. If your budget is tight, then it is also advisable to visit Cuba during low season as it will help save money. There will be several offers and discounts on hotels, rental agencies and travel guides during low season. To avoid the risk of hurricane, it is better to visit at the end of April and throughout May.

Crowded Season

The beaches of Cuba will be crowded with tourists during Christmas and Easter. It's better not to visit Cuba in this particular period as prices will be very high for accommodations; rooms will be booked well in advance and finding a rental car may be difficult.

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