Tips for Salmon Fishing in Sacramento

Tips for Salmon Fishing in Sacramento
When fishing in Sacramento, California, the key thing to remember is that the best salmon fishing here falls in the Sacramento River (or The Sac). This river is over 384 miles long, with many areas of different currents and depth. Make sure you have the proper equipment and an understanding of how to fish for salmon, and when.

California Fishing Regulations

Make sure to obtain a California State fishing license, and double-check that you do not need any other documents in order to fish in Sacramento as these change season to season. As of 2009, the California Fish and Game Commission say there is a one salmon limit and they also made catch-and-release fishing for salmon illegal.

Sacramento Salmon Season

The key to landing a salmon in Sacramento is also knowing what time of year to go there. One of the most ideal times is during the fall because of the salmon migration patterns, but you will most likely also have luck from mid-summer to winter. For Chinook salmon, the season starts halfway through July to the start of August, and peaks from October to November. The beginning of the year is the weakest time to fish for salmon in Sacramento, but when good weather starts again the salmon always come back.

Proper Equipment and Location

Salmon fishing requires durable, sturdy equipment, especially for river fishing in The Sac. You will need a thick fishing line, a rod that is at least 6 feet long with a large tackle, and the pole needs to be flexible. For the ultimate comfort, use a spinning or bait-casting reel for the most leverage so you can focus on reeling in the salmon instead of on controlling the tackle. Adding salmon roe to your bait when casting in The Sac for salmon will also increase your chances of catching one. It is also key to know the best spots on the river to find salmon. These include rushing rapid areas, shaded areas like under a tree, and around weeded areas.

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