Tips for Salmon Fishing on Land

Tips for Salmon Fishing on LandSalmon are one of the most popular species that sport fishermen pursue. There are many reasons for this, as these fish are beautiful, are great fighters and can grow to large sizes. In addition, the waters that salmon inhabit are usually located in beautiful country. Many anglers choose to go after salmon from a boat, and that provides a number of advantages. However, there is no need to give up on the idea of a salmon fishing trip if you don't have access to a boat. Salmon can be fished for effectively from shore, too.

When and Where

Concentrate on fishing for salmon near the mouths of streams and in other traditional holding spots, but keep in mind that salmon are a fish that is not nearly as dependent on cover as other species. They are driven by the need for finding food and cold, clean water. Fishing from land is best done in the very early hours of the morning and in the evening and into the night. Salmon will often head far off shore during the day into waters that can't be reached from the bank.


Bait Techniques

One of the bait methods that works is called "flipping." Use Coho flies and egg snells loaded with cured salmon eggs. "Flip" the bait upstream and allow the current to carry the bait along. Try to make the bait drift as naturally as possible by keeping your reel open and your line loose. Keep the rod tip low, ready to set the hook when you get a bite. A tried and true way to fish bait that is still effective is to simply cast out the bait and let it sit on the bottom. Depending on local regulations, you may be allowed to fish more than one rod in this way, multiplying your chances of hooking a fish.

Lure Methods

Bank fisherman can fish lures by using a weight on the line and then casting with a single hook, or casting and dead-drifting large spoons, bouncing them off the bottom as they go. Another successful method is to cast a spinner upstream and then reel it just enough to keep it off the bottom. Just be ready, because when you hook into a big salmon, you may have to make a run after it along the bank to keep up.

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