Best Fishing Lures for Chinook Salmon

Best Fishing Lures for Chinook Salmon
Chinook Salmon, (otherwise known as King salmon) are most common to fish for in California and Alaska. Since they can grow very large, you need to have durable, heavy tackle to handle them and the fight they can put up. With this in mind, the type of lures you need should come in a variety of colors, sizes and styles. The top lures to catch these salmon include Plugs, Spin-N-Glow lures and Vibrex spinners.

Vibrex Spinners

These are great for fly-fishing and fast currents. They work by sinking immediately once they are cast out, and floating between the top of the water and the bottom. They work in this way, but also by flashing and spinning rapidly to mimic bait and catch the attention of the Chinook.

Spin-N-Glow Lures

This lure works by floating a couple inches from the bottom of the river or ocean floor, right in the path of migrating Chinook. It is ideal when trolling, especially in a strong current. The current will cause the Spin-N-Glows to spin, attracting the salmon. They are sold in a variety of sizes and colors, but keep in mind the depth of the water you are fishing in and current conditions when purchasing one.

Plug Lures

These lures work by diving deep into the body of water, especially with back-bouncing methods, from a boat, or from shore. Their bright colors and patterns attract the Chinook, and adding salmon roe is an added bonus to the lure. They wiggle slightly in the water, up and down, mimicking bait. Use a size K-15 to attract some of the largest Chinooks.

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