Best Chinook Salmon Fishing Lures

Best Chinook Salmon Fishing Lures
Chinook salmon, or King salmon, is the largest and most prized salmon species. It is important to use sturdy, durable tackle when fishing for these fish, and that goes for lures as well. Some ideal lures include Vibrex Spinners, Plugs and Spin-N-Glo lures, which can be found at your local tackle store (or online). For the ultimate fishing result, add some salmon roe to the lures to attract the fish.

Spin-N-Glo Lures

Spin-N-Glo lures spin rapidly while they float underwater. They are ideal for when you want to troll in the water in strong currents because they will drift underwater and float about 4 to 5 inches over the bottom of the water, attracting salmon. Choose the type of lure depending on whether you are fishing in rivers, lakes or oceans.


Plug Lures

Plug lures sink deep into the water quickly from added weights, and in the current, they mimic bait that Chinook want by wiggling. This is ideal for back-bouncing fishing from boat, especially at slow speeds. Pick lures in bright colors, with the largest ones attracting the largest Chinook.

Vibrex Spinner Lures

Vibrex Spinners work by sinking underwater after casting, then floating in between the bottom and top of the water's surface to cover all the area where the Chinook will be swimming. They are ideal for fly-fishing or in fast currents. They can be used in multiple destinations and bodies of water and come in a variety of colors and sizes.


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