Salt Water Fishing Regulations in Florida

Salt Water Fishing Regulations in Florida
The state of Florida is world-renowned for the fishing, especially in the saltwater that surrounds the state. If you are one of the many sport fisherman or tourists making the trip to Florida with the intention of enjoying this saltwater fishermen's paradise, it is important that you have some familiarity with the fishing regulations.

Where to Get Help

The Florida oceans are home to many varieties of saltwater species occupying numerous waters, and all of these usually have their own regulations. It is not reasonable for you to try an learn all saltwater fishing regulations in the state, but instead you should know where to get the information you need, and then familiarize yourself fully on the rules regarding the area in which you will be fishing and the waters in which you will be fishing before you head out. The best place to check is via the online portal for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (known as the FWC), where you can find all applicable regulations.


For many fishermen, fishing in Florida means going after tarpon, the big silver king of the ocean flats. The Boca Grande area of Florida is world famous for the tarpon fishing there, and the FWC has taken measures to protect this valuable fishery. You must, of course, purchase a tarpon tag to legally fish for them, and there is a two fish possession limit for them. Furthermore, regulations state that there is a limit of three lines that may be deployed from a fishing vessel at any one time, and no breakaway gear is allowed.

When You Don't Need a License

The FWC generously makes it possible for certain groups of people to be able to fish without having to purchase a license. Some of these exceptions are, but not limited to; children under the age of 16, senior citizens over the age of 65, and Florida residents that are serving in the United States military. Make sure to take the time to check the specifics on these exceptions, don't ever assume that you will not need a fishing license.

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