Things to Do on Maui Railroad

Things to Do on Maui Railroad
Lahaina Kaanapali Railroad is a six-mile track between the historical town of Lahaina and the resorts at Kaanapali on the Hawaiian island of Maui. Visitors to Maui can enjoy the attractions at those locations and ride the Sugar Cane Train between them. The natural scenery is a big attraction whether you walk or hike around the local area, or just enjoy the views from the windows of the steam train.

Sugar Cane Train

The Sugar Cane Train is a nostalgic, open-air locomotive that departs daily from Puukolii, Lahaina and Kaanapali and travels at a gentle pace along the Maui Railroad. The journey is narrated by a knowledgeable local guide while you enjoy unmatched views of the West Maui Mountains and distant neighboring islands. The highlight of the train ride is the portion of railway that passes over a 325-foot, high-elevation, bowed wooden trestle. Every Thursday the Sugar Cane Train offers a special dinner ride with an all-you-can-eat buffet of authentic Hawaiian cuisine and live hula dancing for entertainment.

17 Kaka'alaneo Drive
Lahaina, Maui, HI 96761
(808) 661-0080

Banyan Tree, Lahaina

When arriving in or departing from Lahaina, pay a visit to the town's most magnificent natural spectacle: the largest banyan tree in the United States. Nature-lovers will marvel at the massive arboreal specimen. The tree was planted in 1873 and has grown to its present size of 50 feet high with a canopy that covers almost an acre in area. It has 12 trunks and innumerable dangling roots among its pleasant and shady underbelly.

Historic Walking Tour, Lahaina

Lahaina was the first capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii and has experienced a long and storied history. Experience Lahaina's past with a walk along the Lahaina Historic Trail, or Ala Moolelo O Lahaina. You will see important sites from the time when Lahaina was a major whaling port and from the missionary era; you will also see the influence of immigrant plantation workers and the presence of Chinese and Japanese communities on the town.

Whale Watching

In the winter months, the warm, shallow Pacific waters off Maui become a sanctuary for humpback whales. You may be lucky enough to spot mothers and their newborns from the vantage point of the Maui Railroad while riding the Sugar Cane Train. Otherwise, whale watching boat trips are offered in abundance from Lahaina Harbor. The peak season for whale watching is between January and April.

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