Florida Regulations for Campgrounds & RV Parks

Florida Regulations for Campgrounds & RV Parks
If you're planning a visit to any Florida campgrounds or RV parks, you'll want to have an understanding of the rules and regulations so you know what you are getting into. Florida has many public and private campgrounds and RV parks from which to choose, and requires its visitors to follow its guidelines around safety, hygiene and cleaning.

Communication of Rules and Regulations

Every campground or RV owner or operator can post rules concerning use of the grounds and its facilities. The rules should be given to each guest and employee for their review, and they are considered legally binding for all parties. It's a good idea to purchase travel insurance, since according to Florida law campground and RV park owners are not liable for personal goods lost or stolen including money and jewelry.


You can start a fire for both cooking and personal enjoyment as long as the fire is set up within a specified area as dictated by the RV park's rules and regulations. Someone must keep an eye on the fire at all times, and completely extinguish it before leaving the grounds.


Pets staying at RV parks or campgrounds in Florida must be vaccinated against rabies, with the exception of horses where proof of a negative Coggins test is required in order for the animal to stay with you on the grounds.

Pets should be confined or leashed at all times. If you have to leave your pet unattended, you must leave him inside your camping accommodation or securely tethered to a leash, but only for a period of up to 30 minutes. It is illegal for pets to be tied to trees, bushes, tables or shelter facilities even when you are with your pet.

You must look after your pet, which means picking up waste and properly disposing of it, and making sure your pet is inside with you during the campground's established quiet hours. Ill-behaved pets or ones that are dangerous, intimidating or destructive will be evicted.

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