Best Bicycles for Women

Best Bicycles for Women
Bicycling allows you the opportunity to increase your heart rate, build strong leg muscles and enjoy the outdoors. While there are many different makes and models of bicycles, specific bikes have been designed with women's body type in mind. Women's bicycles are lighter and depending on your riding requirements will offer durability for rugged terrain or a streamlined design for racing. Prior to purchasing a bicycle, visit a bike shop and test ride several models.

Marin Bear Valley Hardtail Mountain Bike - 2009 Model

The frame for this mountain bike has been specifically designed for women to match their torso and inseam measurements. In order to provide a stable and lightweight bicycle, the frame has been manufactured out of aluminum. The down tubes have been developed to reduce the weight of the bicycle while still maintaining strength and agility. Because this bike has been designed to be used on mountain trails, the disc brakes are powered by a hydraulic system for controlled and responsive deceleration in any weather or terrain situation. There are 24 speeds you can choose from and with the Shimano shifters, shifting throughout the gears is smooth to prevent jerking that can cause you to lose balance on rough terrain. The seat has been contoured to specifically fit the soft tissues and bones of a woman to provide a comfortable ride.

Availability: Online and retail stores
Average price: $785

Novara Mia Cruiser

The Novara Mia Cruiser Bike has been designed for the urban biker. The frame of this bicycle features the step-through design, which allows you to easily mount and get off. The stand-over height provides enhanced stability during stop-and-go city maneuvering. There are 24 speeds that are chosen through the twist shifting gear. The handle bars are higher than the seat for easy operation and with a built-in bell, you will be able to clearly signal to those around you. For added comfort, the seat has been designed specifically for a woman's frame and with a memory foam cushion you will remain comfortable no matter how long you are on the bicycle. The tires have a reflective sidewall so you are visible during the evening hours. With attachable front and rear fenders, you can protect yourself from wet conditions.

Availability: Online and retail stores
Average price: $400

Huffy Alpine 26-Inch Women's All-Terrain Bicycle

The Huffy Alpine Women's Bicycle can be easily driven on mountain trails, along shorelines or through open pastures without a problem. The frame of this mountain bike is made of steel, which will provide necessary strength and stability when gliding through intense mountain trails. Shifting between the 18 speeds is extremely easy through the ENZO Twist Shifting Gear. Twist shifting is especially vital when you are peddling through rough terrain, as you can swiftly choose the ideal gear without having to take your eyes off of the trail. The brakes use a steel linear pull system, which is developed for the intense braking that is common in wilderness biking.

Availability: Online and retail stores
Average price: $160

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