King Salmon Fishing Tips

King Salmon Fishing TipsKing salmon are one of the most valued species of salmon, as well as fish, to catch for sport, leisure or eating. In some places such as Alaska, they commonly weigh in at 50 lbs. There are quite a few areas to fish for king salmon, specifically throughout California and Alaska (most commonly), but it is also important to know when they are in season during their migration. This is usually from May to August when they had upstream. Good equipment, and a couple tips, will help you land a large king salmon while fishing.

Use Sturdy Tackle

For all equipment to catch the king salmon, the key is to make sure it is durable and large. Use a rod that is 7 to 9 feet long, with a thick fishing line that has a sturdy knot. The rod should have a heavy bass with either a bait-casting or spinning reel. This is to ensure a smooth drag so that you can focus on reeling in the fish and not on the reel possibly breaking.



When it comes to king salmon, you can use live bait or artificial lures. In saltwater, lures can be better, while in freshwater, live bait is more efficient. Some of the best live baits include salmon roe, prawns, prawn roe, small shrimp and herring. Some of the best artificial lures include TadPollys, flashers, Flatfish, Kwikfish and salmon egg clusters.


There are quite a few ways to catch king salmon while fishing. It all depends on the environment you are in and the area. In fast-moving rivers, you can use trolling weights. In saltwater, try diving lures or downriggers set at various depths. When on a boat, try back trolling or back bouncing with weights or spooning off bottom rocks. When fly-fishing, use attractor flies. When bank fishing, understand that when you catch a salmon, you need to run, pulling the rod very hard, to reel it in.


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