Canopy Tours in Jamaica

Canopy Tours in Jamaica
If you want to see the raw natural beauty of Jamaica, take a thrilling zipline or canopy tour through the rainforest. For an experience of a lifetime, make it a point to participate in one of these unusual adventures. Along the three-hour tour, you will be able to see spectacular tropical trees and flowers, as well as rare birds and other forest creatures. Zip from a large, limestone cliff and soar above the rushing rivers below while you feel the wind sweep across your face. Guides will point out the most interesting sites as you land on platforms between each zip. There are three main canopy tour operators in Jamaica.

Zipline Adventure Tours

Zipline Adventure Tours is located 20 minutes from Montego Bay, near the small town of Lethe. A Safari Jeep will take you through the mountains to the canopy station where a safety briefing is held. This company has zips varying from the first short 250-foot zip to the longest in the Caribbean, at 1,600 feet, appropriately named The Big Timba. Ziplines are inspected daily, and the company has rigorous safety standards.
Minimum age is 10 years old, but all participants under 18 must have adult permission. Minimum weight is 60 lbs. and maximum is 265 lbs. Call for reservations at (876) 940-7394 or book online.

The Original Canopy Tour

As its name suggests, this is the first canopy tour offered in Jamaica. It was designed by Darren Hrenriuk, the original investor of the first tour of this kind in Costa Rica. This tour will take you flying over a lagoon, a river and a 100-year-old dam. The guides are top notch and will take you through equipment usage and safety procedures before embarkation. T-shirt, long pants, tennis shoes and insect repellent are recommended. For reservations, book online or call (876) 953-5619.

Chukka Canopy Tour

Chukka operates out of both Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, offering excellent guides and rigid safety standards. World Travel Awards has voted Chukka the Caribbean's Leading Nature Adventure Excursion Operator for two consecutive years, 2007 and 2008. Fly like a soaring tropical bird through the inner regions of the dense rainforests of Jamaica. Reservations can be made online or by calling (877) 4-CHUKKA.

Article Written By Lea Ann Fessenden-Joseph

Lea Ann Fessenden-Joseph, a professional freelance writer, spent more than 20 years with a major airline and enjoys writing about travel, health, alternative medicine and interior decorating. She is the National Caribbean Travel Examiner and her work has been featured in the "Dallas Morning News," "Caribbean Property and Lifestyle Magazine," Gadling, Travels and numerous other publications. Fessenden-Joseph attended Texas Christian University.

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