The Best Fishing in Hawaii

The Best Fishing in Hawaii
Hawaii has often been targeted by serious and recreational anglers. It boasts a wide variety of fish from the massive Marlin to schools of tuna. Hundreds of islands cover over 1,500 miles of territory giving potential fishermen plenty of areas to see what fishing in Hawaii is all about.


Oahu is a prime place to go deep-sea fishing. Two of the more well-known areas are Waikiki and Honolulu. One of the most famous fish you can catch in Oahu is the Marlin. Some of the larger ones caught in this area break the 1,000 lb. mark. There are also plenty of sport fish to catch including tuna, mahi mahi and wahoo. The ride out to start seriously catching fish is less than an hour as the best spots are usually within sight of the shore. One of the best sportfishing charters in Oahu is offered by Boom Boom fishing. Its boats operate out of Ko 'Olina Boat Harbor, Ko 'Olina, which is in West Oahu. The charters fish off the Waianae Coast, which is well-known throughout Hawaii for providing quality mahi mahi and yellowfin tuna.
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Kona offers a wide variety of fish as well as ideal conditions for fishing. Five mountain masses protect the Kona coast and block the wind, which creates very calm sea conditions. There is also a sharp drop in depth near the shore that allows deep-sea fishing in close range to the shore. Anglers can expect to come into contact with six species of tuna and billfish as well as mahi mahi in abundance. Shark and bottom-fishing boats are also available. Captain Rogers has been fishing the waters off Kona for years and has two charter boats to choose from. One of the best parts of fishing in Kona is the fact that the fishing holes are a mere 3 km to the west of the Kona harbor. Kona is considered one of the best areas to bring in quality marlin in the world.

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A typical charter boat will give you access to marlin, tuna and spearfish. Depending on your taste, you can get strapped into a chair and fight a 1,000 lb. marlin, or bring in heaps of dorado and mahi mahi. The waters around Maui are famous due to their consistency in terms of temperature fish migration. The most popular way to fish off the shores of Maui involves trolling with lures. Anglers can also opt to fish off the bottom with live bait. One of the better charters to take in Maui is the one run by captain Charlie's sport fishing charter. The captain is licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard. His group takes boats out of Maui's westside harbors, Lahaina and Maalaea.

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