About Things to Do in Playa Conchal, Costa Rica

About Things to Do in Playa Conchal, Costa Rica
Playa Conchal is considered one of the most stunning beaches on Costa Rica's Gold Coast. The area is located just north of Guanacaste province.The weather in this area of the country is seemingly perfect all year-round, so go and bathe in the sun if that's what you crave. But if you're in the mood for a bit more of an adventure, well, you've come to the right place there too.

Bird Watching

There is truly no better a place to bird-watch than Costa Rica, where you'll find an astounding 840 different species of birds. Check out the colorful scarlet macaws, roseate spoonbills or the great curassows. Many of the birds found in the Playa Conchal area aren't found anywhere else. One of the best places to go for bird watching is Monteverde. It's a nature preserve that's known around the world as one of the best of its kind.

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Point Break Surf

Some of the best surfing in the world is in the Playa Conchal area of Costa Rica. One of the coolest surf schools to take a lesson is Point Break Surf. Whether you've never surfed before or you're just looking to hone your skills, Point Break Surf can help. The surf school serves Brasilito, Conchal, Potrero and Flamingo and takes students to Playa Grande for the best waves in the region.

Point Break Surf
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Canopy Tour in Pinilla

Canopy Tours are a famous activity native to Costa Rica and especially in the Playa Conchal area of the country. It's as if you're flying with the birds as you effortlessly glide through the treetops. You're safely attached to a zip line gliding from tree stand to tree stand. It's an exhilarating experience and a way to get a real taste for the flora and fauna in this part of the Costa Rica. Tours include transportation, snacks, water and bilingual guides.

Canopy Tours Pinilla
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