Things to Do in Lido di Jesolo

Things to Do in Lido di Jesolo
Lido di Jesolo is located outside of Venice and boasts 10 miles of yellow dolomite sand beaches. This quaint beach community offers plenty of activities for the outdoor traveler, and most revolve around the beach. The area offers fun for the whole family.

Hit the Beach

Lido di Jesolo's beach is a great place just to relax and take in the Mediterranean climate. This is a favorite spot among sun-loving Europeans. The sea is extremely clear, and water is perfect for children because it is not too rough. If you feel like enjoying the ocean, you can go snorkeling or swimming..

Take an Eco-Lagoon Tour of Venice

Instead of showing nearby Venice off in its most historical sense, choose to see a different side of the area. You can take various tours including a tour that reveals the secrets of the lagoon, showing off the natural wonders of the areas surrounding Venice and Lido di Jesolo, including Murano, Burano, Torcello, and Mazorbo. You also can tour the Venice harbor and see this incredible city by water.

Laguna Eco Adventures
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Sea Kayaking

Sea kayaking is also a great way to take advantage of this beach community. Rent a kayak on the beach, or take a sea kayaking tour of nearby Venice. Either way, sea kayaking is great exercise and tons of fun. You can kayak on your own on Jesola Beach or choose to take a day tour through Venice's famous canals. You'll be paddling side by side with the gondolas.

Venice Kayak
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Via dei Sanmicheli 14
30126 Lido di Venezia
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