Summer Activities for Children in Beaumont, California

Summer Activities for Children in Beaumont, California
Beaumont is a small town in California's beautiful Inland Empire. Located 86 miles west of Los Angeles, Beaumont is one of three cities that encompasses the San Gorgonio Mountain Pass. The cities of Beaumont, Banning and Cherry Valley rest between the San Gorgonio and San Jacinto Mountains. Take your children to Beaumont to for a memorable summer of fishing, hiking, swimming and camping.

Bogart Park

Bogart Park is a 414-acre park located just north of Beaumont. There are several dry, no hookup, campsites available for tent or RV-style camping. Campsites are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so make reservations. The campground is located on the first level of the park. As you travel up the road to the next level, you will find a lovely picnic area covered in cherry and pine trees. There are two playgrounds in the picnic area. There is also a small fishing pond that is stocked with trout throughout the year.

Beware of the bears who like to come down to the pond for a quick drink or to rummage through the trashcans at the picnic area. The rangers are friendly and will educate kids about bear safety. (There have been no reported bear attacks on humans.) Bogart is a pet-friendly place, as long as you respect the leash laws and clean up after your animal.

Oak Glenn

Oak Glenn is a small village located one mile above Beaumont in the San Gorgonio Mountains. Take your kids to one of many working apple orchards where they can pick their own apples and press their own cider. The Wildlands Conservancy offers guided weekend hikes throughout the summer on a donation basis. During these hikes, your children can learn about the various plants that call the area home. Oak Glenn also has a humane petting zoo showcasing a wide variety of local animals and birds. There is a small trout farm at the petting zoo where your children can fish for hours, while the staff cleans all of the fish they catch.

Oak Glenn has its fair share of poison oak. The Parks and Recreation Department does its best to clearly mark areas with poison oak, but you can always ask a ranger or staff member to help your children identify the plant.

Lake Fulmor

Lake Fulmor is located in the San Jacinto mountains approximately 20 miles above Beaumont. This small three-acre lake is stocked with trout, bass, catfish and bluegill. There are several trails where the children can see ancient Native American grinding stones and several species of plant life. There are no concessions at Lake Fulmor, so you will need to bring your own supplies and take your trash with you when you leave. Some people swim at Lake Fulmor, but as the entrance sign says, swim at your own risk. Many brave hearts jump off of a 40-foot rock to land in the lake. This is discouraged by the rangers, as there is an equally large boulder beneath the surface of the lake. There are no bears around Lake Fulmor, but there are dear, raccoons, skunks, wildcats and snakes. Rattlesnakes are common everywhere in Southern California, and they must be avoided. The beautiful and nonpoisonous California Mountain Kingsnake, which closely resembles a coral snake, has been spotted at Lake Fulmor.

Article Written By Heather Monroe

Heather Monroe has been writing for Demand Studios since March, 2009. Heather enjoys blogging about California's beautiful Inland Empire and its rich history. She has also published her own line of greeting cards and tee-shirts. Although she got a bit of a late start, Heather is pursuing a degree in Journalism.

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