Ocho Rios, Jamaica Travel Tips

Ocho Rios, Jamaica Travel Tips
Despite its touristy feel which can be attributed to the daily cruise ships that enter this port town, the stunning clear waters of the Caribbean Sea and the tropical countryside that surround Ocho Rios offer many surprises. With a little planning and the tips below you will find that there are many activities that will allow you to return home having experienced Jamaica in a unique way.

Footwear on the Falls

Though a bit touristy, a trip to Ocho Rios would not be complete without a visit to its most beautiful waterfall, Dunns River Falls. Dunns River Falls offers a unique opportunity to escape the heat of the sun while hiking down 600 feet of cool rushing water via the falls stone steps. Although special shoes are not necessary, anything with a rubber tread that can provide traction against the soapy, slippery rocks, is recommended. Shoes can be purchased on-site at the base of the Falls.

Dunn's River Falls
Highway A3
Ocho Rios
(876) 974-5944

The Great Outdoors With Chukka Caribbean Adventures

You will certainly not regret contacting Chukka Caribbean Adventures in Ocho Rios. Chukka Tours certainly offers something for everyone. Horseback riding and ATV treks through the mountains, zip lining through the jungle, and tubing or kayaking down the river, are just a few of the activities which you can enjoy.

Chukka Caribbean Adventures
Llandovery, Ocho Rios
(876) 972-2506

Petty Crime

Aside from marijuana and hash offerings for which you will likely be offered throughout Ocho Rios and which are considered illegal, other sorts of violent crimes are not prevalent in the the tourist areas of the city. Petty crimes like pick pocketing or purse snatchings do occur, so it is wise to take precautions. Leave valuables in a lock box at your hotel, and purchase a travel pouch or money belt to keep your cash and keys stored hidden inside your waistline or around your neck.

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