Barcelona Travel Guide

Barcelona Travel Guide
Enjoy the picturesque city of Barcelona, Spain, on your next trip. Packed with savory foods, inspiring architecture and treasure-filled museums, Barcelona is a jewel along the Mediterranean Sea. Visit Barcelona during the summer if you're in search of the sun. However, the city is most crowded during this time. Avoid the crowd and visit in May or October. August is the month of holiday for locals, so many restaurants, bars and some attractions close. Check opening times for establishments during this period.


Plan an afternoon at the beach in Barcelona. Transformed with the 1992 Olympics, the city beaches of Barceloneta and Port Olímpic are popular spots with locals and tourists. Rent boats and surfboards to enjoy the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Stroll the nearly 2.5 miles of public city beaches and find the perfect picnic spot. Bring a bottle of Cava to enjoy in the hot afternoon sun. Public facilities include showers, volleyball courts, beach chairs and lifeguards. Be watchful for bag snatchers and beach vendors when the deal seems too good.

Bike Rides

Explore Barcelona on a bike. Barcelona is a pedestrian-friendly city, but when your time is limited, riding a bike gets you from site to site quickly. Pedaling around the city provides a unique view of many sites you wouldn't see riding the metro. Several shops in different areas of the city rent bikes for the day. Ask for a map that outlines the city's bike lanes. There are more than 40 miles of bike lanes in Barcelona. Try riding along the coast and enjoying the sea or along the Diagonal. Ask the bike rental shop about tours of Barcelona that offer tourist attractions.

Kayaking and Rafting

Consider a day trip from Barcelona to ride the rapids on La Noguera Pallaresa. Rent a kayak or raft and jump into one of the best rivers for white-water sports. Consider a trip in late spring as the snows from the Pyrenees start to thaw. Just off the Barcelona shores, consider a night kayaking adventure with Nàutica Base. Available from June through September, Nàutica Base provides equipment and insurance, while kayakers can bring a beverage of their choice. Day water activities are also available.

Nàutica Base
Avinguda del Litoral s/n
Platja Mar Bella 08005 Barcelona
93 221 04 32

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