Free Things to Do in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Free Things to Do in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Myrtle Beach has been a popular vacation destination for decades. Although known as a large commercial beach with throngs of tourists during peak season, Myrtle Beach does have many offerings for outdoor enthusiasts, For those looking to save a little or a lot of money, Myrtle Beach will not disappoint as there are a variety of activities which are free.

Body Surf

Myrtle Beach's wide beaches are long and flat with plenty of sand bars and gently rolling waves. Nicknamed "The Grand Strand," its beach serves the perfect conditions for body surfing, the ultimate free activity where all that is required is a bathing suit.

Surf Fishing

Shore or surf fishing is free in Myrtle Beach, but it is best to get there in the early morning to avoid the crowds. You cannot cast a net or shrimp, however, without a license. Expect to catch bluefish, king mackerel, flounder and other fish which frequent the warm Atlantic waters of the Carolinas.

Seashell and Sea Glass Collecting

Walk along The Grand Strand at low tide and you will find a variety of shell and sea glass offerings. The further away you get from the high rise hotels, the better your chances of finding unbroken shells.

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