City Sightseeing Tours in San Francisco

City Sightseeing Tours in San Francisco
Set amid beautiful hills and surrounded by water on three sides, the city of San Francisco has several sightseeing opportunities for those who enjoy nature and the environment. With popular locations like Golden Gate Park, the Twin Peaks, zoos and beaches, not to mention the scenic overlooks, San Francisco is filled with opportunities to explore the great outdoors.

San Francisco Zoo

Set inside beautiful gardens and against the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean, the San Francisco Zoo is filled with more than 250 different species of animals as well as a great botanical exhibit. There are many exhibits to explore where you can see everything from African Savana wildlife to an Australian walkabout, penguins, puffers and more. The zoo is surrounded by local plants and trees that add a park-like setting to the area, providing a relaxing, natural environment for you to enjoy. The zoo also features programs that can teach you and your children about the eating habits of the different animals, how long they live and all about their natural habitats. The San Francisco Zoo is on the west side of the city, just off of Hwy 101.

San Francisco Zoo
1 Zoo Road
San Francisco, CA. 94132
(415) 753-7080

Golden Gate Park

Larger than Central Park in New York City, Golden Gate Park encompasses over 1,000 acres stretching over three miles long and more then half a mile wide. The park is filled with many nature exhibits like the Botanical Gardens, the Conservatory of Flowers, the Japanese gardens and several trails and walkways that wind through the park. Golden Gate Park also includes a music concourse where concerts are given in the park and Stow Lake, where you can rent row boats and enjoy the calm surroundings of the waters. Check out Strawberry Hill in the center of Stow Lake, where you can row out to the island and enjoy a picnic or just take a walk around the island. From the top of Strawberry Hill, you can see the San Francisco Bay as well as the Golden Gate Bridge.

Twin Peaks

See the entire San Francisco Bay and surrounding area when you hike to the top of the Twin Peaks in the center of the city. These amazing twin summits stand over 922 feet above sea level. The crest of the hills also include a reservoir that provides water for the residents and a home for local wildlife like the red tail hawks, crowned sparrows and a variety of raccoons, opossums and other animals. There are many trails and overlooks along the top of the hills and the Twin Peaks will provide you with fantastic panoramic views of all the sites in San Francisco, from the Golden Gate Bridge to the beaches along the Pacific Ocean and even down to the Embarcadero on the east side of the city.

Article Written By Carl Pruit

Carl Pruit has been a freelance writer since 2005, specializing in service journalism and travel. His work has appeared on various websites. Born and raised in California, Pruit attended Contra Costa Community College in San Pablo, Calif. and received an associate degree in the administration of justice.

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