Things to Do in Nassau, Bahamas in One Day

Things to Do in Nassau, Bahamas in One Day
Spending one day in a place as beautiful as Nassau, Bahamas, seems challenging. But for those with only 24 hours to spare in the beautiful island paradise, it can be done. Nassau is the largest city on New Providence Island. The city is dotted with colorful buildings and joyful native culture. With warm temperatures and a laid-back attitude, this is a great place to visit.

The Ardastra Gardens and Conservation Center

The Ardastra Gardens is a picturesque tropical zoo and gardens in the city. The zoo is home to an array of parrots, flamingos and boa constrictors, as well as 300 other tropical species. You also can walk the 5-acre grounds of incredibly lush tropical gardens.

The Ardastra Gardens and Conservation Center
P.O. Box N-4882, Nassau, Bahamas
(242) 323-5806

Snorkeling at the Devil's Backbone

For centuries, this was a difficult spot for ships coming through the Bahamas to navigate. Today, that makes it a great place for snorkelers. All you need is some fins and a mask to check out this beautiful natural wonder. It's a reef that runs parallel to the pink sand beaches of Harbor Island. Snorkeling enthusiasts can look forward to seeing elkhorn coral as well as lacy sea fans, brain coral and an array of marine biodiversity.

Adelaide Village

You can't visit Nassau without spending some time at the beach. Adelaide Beach is not frequented by many tourists, so you can enjoy your natural surroundings in peace. Adelaide and Fox Hill are quaint villages next to the sea. This is also a great place for sea kayaking. The village itself was settled by 134 freed slaves in 1832, and the quiet community is still as quaint and charming today. It retains much of the island culture from a century ago.

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