Things to Do in San Francisco for Children

Things to Do in San Francisco for Children
Nestled along the Pacific coast, San Francisco, California offers countless options for outdoor enthusiasts and their children to enjoy all that the city has to offer. From national parks to boating and fishing opportunities, visitors can take their pick and what their families enjoy doing most. Don't be afraid to take risks and try something new.

Pier 39

Pier 39 is a one-stop entertainment attraction for families of all ages visiting San Francisco. Families can rent bikes and explore San Francisco on their own or take part in a guided tour. Blazing Saddles Bike Rentals and Tours offers family friendly tour rides, as well as small children's bikes and infant/toddler tandem bikes for children who are too young to ride on their own. Children can enjoy the San Francisco Carousel or visit the native Sea Lions, living near the Pier 39 West Marina. The Aquarium of the Bay is also located in Pier 39 and features a giant octopus exhibit, as well as a large jellyfish showcase. With dozens of restaurants and shops, older children and parents will also have more than enough to keep them occupied. Street performers fill the streets, singing, dancing and performing magic tricks to ensure that no one will ever be bored while walking around Pier 39.

Beach Street and The Embarcadero
San Francisco, California 94113
(415) 981-1280

Alcatraz Island

While younger kids may be scared on this adventure, it's a must-see for older children and their families. Tours to Alcatraz Island take visitors out to the famous island prison, where they receive an overview of the history and a walk through part of the actual prison. Audio tours are available to guests as they walk through the cell house blocks and sound effects are added for special effects. During the summer, Alcatraz Kids Tours of the Rock are held for a more family friendly tour option.

Pier 33, Hornblower Alcatraz Landing
San Francisco, California 94111
(415) 981-7625

Strawberry Hill

A naturally formed island in the middle of Stow Lake (located in the Golden Gate Park), Strawberry Hill provides family friendly day hike opportunities for families of all ages. The hiking path is filled with trees, wildlife and even an artificial waterfall. At 428 feet high, parents and children can enjoy the views of the park, the bridge and the city itself. In order to get to Strawberry Hill, families must rent a boat (paddleboats and rowboats) on the northwest side of Stow Lake.

Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, California 94102
(415) 752-0347

Golden Gate State Park

Throughout the Golden Gate State Park, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of different outdoor activities. From archery to fly-fishing, the possibilities are endless. Horseshoes, handball, lawn bowling and swing dancing lessons are just some of the recreational activities held throughout the park year round. More than five centers throughout the park offer equipment rental for bikes, boats and anything else a family might need to enjoy their day in the park.

Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, California 94102
(415) 752-0347

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