Things to Do in Munich, Germany

Things to Do in Munich, Germany
When people think of Germany they think of one place: Munich. Located in southern Germany at the foothills of the Alps, Munich is surrounded by beautiful nature and landscapes. From pretzels to Oktoberfest, it is also home to many of Germany's most famous traditions. Finding things to do in Munich is never a problem, and when in doubt, go to a biergarten and talk to the locals.

Rent A Bike

There is no better way to get to know Munich than by renting a bike. From Marienplatz to the Englischer Garten, nearly the entire city is accessible by bike. The city provides trails through the city's many parks and along the banks of the Isar River. When you are tired, take a rest in the park, sip a beer at a biergarten, or have a coffee in a cafe in one of Munich's picturesque squares. The roads throughout the city have designate bike lanes for added safety. Be aware that in many parts of the city center, bikes must be walked. Failing to do so puts the rider at the risk of receiving a fine. Many companies offer daily and weekly rentals.

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Walk Around the Kunstareal

The Kunstareal near Koenigsplatz is Munich's museum quarter and is highlighted by its three main art museums, each covering a distinctly different era. The Alte Pinakothek covers a vast range of European styles from the 14th to the 18th century that includes painting by Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael. The Neue Pinakothek is widely known for its expansive Impressionism collection that includes Monet, Cezanne and Van Gogh. The Museum Brandhorst covers modern art, most specifically, art by Warhol and Twombly.

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Go to Hofbraeuhaus

The Hofbraeuhaus is one of Munich's most famous sites, and it is easy to see why. Every day of the week, the large beer hall and biergarten is filled with hundreds of tourists and locals drinking beer, eating local Bavarian food, and singing traditional German folk songs (with the occasional John Denver tune thrown in). Dirndl-clad waitresses serve the homebrewed beer in one-liter mugs. The band is fully outfitted in lederhosen and hats, and tourists from around the world commingle at the large wooden tables. The Hofbraeuhaus is a true Bavarian experience since 1589.

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