Things to Do in Negril, Jamaica

Things to Do in Negril, Jamaica
While Jamaica is known for its massive all-inclusive resorts and tightly guarded communities, this is only a small portion of the true culture of the island. This island nation has many natural wonders to speak of that are worth visiting. Enjoy all the wonders of this laid-back culture while remaining cautious of your surroundings and safety throughout the trip.

Mayfield Falls

Head on up to Jamaican hill country to take a look at this beautiful natural wonder. The waterfalls are located just outside of Negril and Southwest of Montego Bay. Hike along the trails and you'll encounter a wide variety of waterfalls as well as smaller pools and other mini-waterfalls. Bring proper shoes like water shoes for foot protection.

The Roaring River

It is best to take a tour to this destination. The Roaring River runs underground as well as above ground and it's the site of limestone caverns and beautiful rock formations. There is a footpath along the route and you can bring your bathing suit and swim in the mineral laden waters. One tour even offers a massage therapist to come along and give you a massage in the heart of the underground river.

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Booby Cay

Booby Cay is a very small island just across the bay from Negril. It's a hot spot for avid water sports enthusiasts. The area is great for snorkeling, having a picnic and scuba diving. The coral reefs in this area are a breeding ground for a wide spectrum of marine biodiversity. The cay gets its name from its abundance of magnificent blue footed booby birds. The offshore island must be reached by boat.

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