Inexpensive Things to Do in Chicago, Illinois

Inexpensive Things to Do in Chicago, Illinois
Chicago offers visitors many different inexpensive things to do in its surrounding neighborhoods. Whether just looking to save some money or on a budget vacation, the Windy City has art, cultural, entertainment and sporting attractions that won't hurt the pocketbook.

Navy Pier

A trip to the Navy Pier does not have to cost a fortune. Stroll the pier for free and take in the breathtaking nautical and city skyline views. Additional entertainment options include a Ferris wheel ($6 per person), a miniature golf course ($5 per golfer), Shakespeare Theater (ticket prices vary), IMAX theater ($15 for adults and $12 for children), a stained glass and children's museum. Admission is free to the stained glass museum and $10 for children's museum, as of 2009. Additional dining options are available on the 50-acre pier as well. For those visiting in the summer, free musical entertainment is provided often on one of the two stages on the pier. A free fireworks show is also shown twice a week during the summer months.

Grant Park

Located between Michigan Avenue and Madison Street, a visit to Grant Park is free, yet fulfilling. During the summer months, various musical festivals including musical genres such as blues, jazz, country, gospel and classical can be enjoyed for free in the Petrillo Music Shell. The park also has beautiful nature viewing opportunities. Enjoy a picnic on a sunny day. Next to Millennium Park, Grant Park is a must-see relaxing spot along Chicago's lake shore.

Millennium Park

Another free attraction, Millennium Park has a variety of art exhibits that change per season as well as beautiful gardens. This 24.5-acre park features the work of countless artists, architects, designers and planners. Also included is the Kay Pritzker Pavilion, where various musical arts perform throughout the year. For children and other visitors, a large fountain of water sprays provides a refreshing experience on a hot, humid, summer Chicago day. Admission is free to the park.

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