Clipless Pedal Care

Clipless Pedal Care
Named to distinguish them from toeclip pedals, "clipless" pedals clip to your shoe by means of a cleat. Different clipless pedal manufacturers have slightly different mechanisms, but overall care is very similar. By keeping them clean, greased and tightened, your pedals will function properly in all conditions for many happy years.

Cleaning the Pedals

Clean the pedals periodically. Every week or after every ride off the road, use a damp toothbrush to brush away any dirt found on the pedals and cleats. Dry the pedals thoroughly with a cloth. Drop a few drops of oil onto any moving parts of the pedal and wipe off the excess.


Tightening the Screws

Tighten the adjustment screws every month using an Allen wrench. Reset the tension to the appropriate level by tightening or loosening the tension adjustment screw on the back of the pedal. Lubricate the screw with a drop of oil.

Greasing the Pedals

Remove the pedals from the bike once a year with an Allen wrench. Clean off any accumulated gunk. Put a couple of drops of lubricant (silicone grease) on the pedal threads. Reattach and tighten.

Muddy Riding

When you know you are going to hit the trails and there might be mud, spray some Pam cooking oil on the pedals and cleats to keep the mud from sticking and your clips from getting gunked up.


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