Camping Equipment Tips

Camping Equipment Tips
Camping is more popular than ever ,.and the result is an often-overwhelming selection of supplies and equipment. It can be difficult to determine the equipment that is best for your needs, much less which brands and models are ideal. Going into the store with a little knowledge beforehand can help you avoid getting ripped off as well as buying something flashy that is simply unnecessary.


Backpacks come in sizes both small and oversized, but regardless of which size you choose, there are certain things to look for. You want the backpack to be sturdy and durable, but also fit comfortably, so try it on before you buy. Check webbing and straps to make sure they are both strong and adjustable. It may be tough to test, but make every legal effort possible to ensure the outside is waterproof. If buying a large backpack, ensure that the waist straps fits comfortably.

Sleeping Bag Ratings

When buying a sleeping bag, you are likely to run into temperature ratings intended to give you an idea of just how cold it can get before you turn into a popsicle. Manufacturers may take these ratings seriously, but you probably should not. The reason is that there is currently no universal standard, so essentially any company making a sleeping bag can create its own standards for testing. The best thing is to assume that the ratings have a semblance of reality, but prepare to add some bulk to your wardrobe when the mercury starts dropping to the rated figure.


So many types and sizes of tents are available today that it is easy to be dazzled by one that won't really meet your needs. However, only a few key elements are important in choosing a tent. The first thing you want is to make sure it will be big enough to comfortably fit everyone who will be using it, while also providing adequate ventilation. Secondly, make sure all the gear you want to keep inside will fit while leaving you room to sleep. The tent should have enough clearance inside that everyone can sit up at once if necessary. Finally, make sure that the floor of the tent provides enough padding to keep you comfortable. If it fails but you still buy it, make sure you bring along some adequate padding, or be prepared for soreness every morning.

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