Things to Do in Whistler, Canada

Things to Do in Whistler, Canada
Whistler, Canada has the honor of hosting the 2010 World Olympic and Paralympic Games taking place during February and March. It's hardly surprising Whistler was chosen for such a prestigious games event considering that Whistler boasts the largest area of runs and slopes in North America, amounting to 8,171 acres of wintry white stuff. A haven for outdoor enthusiasts, Whistler, Canada provides ample opportunity for participation in year-round sporting activities and extreme sports.


Mile after snow-covered mile attracts eager cross-country skiers as they slip and slide their way through Lost Lake Park. Heli-Skiing is available for intermediate skiers and snowboarding is always a popular activity in the Whistler's winter season. For beginning snow-ski enthusiasts, skiing lessons, given by qualified skiing instructors, are available for all age groups.

Mountain Biking

Whistler provides trails for experienced and beginning mountain biking enthusiasts, with miles of exhilarating mountain tracks to ride and explore, including the 35-kilometer paved Valley Trail. Mountain biking is a suitable activity for the entire family to enjoy while sharing quality time together. Experience the sheer vastness of Whistler, British Colombia for yourself.

Bungee Jumping

Whistler provides year-round bungee jumping thrills from high on a bridge above the rushing glacial-fed Cheakamus River. Leaping off the bridge, brave dare-devils plummet 160 ft. in the biggest adrenalin-rush of their lives, as they stretch the bungee cord to capacity only to spring upwards and back down again several times before being "rescued."

Canoeing & Kayaking

The River of Golden Dreams is very popular as a route for canoeists and kayakers as they paddle under the lush, green tree canopy. The river is home to much wildlife including marmots and bears, and along the route you may be fortunate to see birds, animals and reptilian life in their natural habitat.


Hiking during the milder months is a pleasurable experience in such a picturesque area. Be prepared for emergencies by taking with you a walking stick and first aid supplies just to play it safe. Whistler, Canada presents an ideal opportunity for family hikes and camping in the wilds.

Article Written By Victoria Ries

Victoria Ries is a freelance writer whose work has been published in various print magazines, including "Guideposts," "BackHome," New Homesteading" and "Mother Earth News." Ries enjoys working on diverse topics such as travel, animal rescue, health and home business. Ries is currently working on her B.A. in psychology.

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